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Camping… Again!

Okay… so I am feeling much better today.  Less down and sad, more go with the flow.  Which I just wanted to say, is how I have been for the past couple of months.  Im taking everything one day at a time and being laid back the best I can.  The other day was just a very hard day for me.  So Ill stop sounding like a 15 year old emo kid now.  Thankyouverymuch.

So, we are headed for camping trip #2 of the summer tomorrow.  This time we have some friends tagging along with us.  Their son is the same age as Little Miss, so they will seriously have SO much fun together.  Last time we went it was just us, but our daughter was running around, climbing on tree stumps, playing with sicks and throwing rocks.  In other words?  She had a friggin blast playing outside for two days straight.  With a partner in crime she will have ever more fun.  Maybe Ill even post some pictures this time.

We did have a lot of fun on our last camping trip (obviously, or we wouldnt be going again so soon).  But what sucks about camping in the mountains?  Oye, the elevation can kick your sea level living ass!  Camping at 5,600 feet has crisp clean air… and its beautiful.  But every step you take requires a little bit more effort than you are used to.  The good part about that though, is after we got home from our last trip I was running better.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  We went for a hike to see some of the wonderful views the mountain had to offer, and we were so pooped (even Mr. never gets tired) after we got back to camp.  It was amazing though.

This time we will be near a lake, but its only going to be about 65 degrees while we are there… so no swimming.  We may each take a turn at fishing though. Its been years since I’ve went fishing, and I think I’d like to try my hand at it again.  We wont be eating the fish though… It grosses the hubby out.  Just catch & release this time. But Im okay with that.  However, if the lake has some good fish in it, next time I will be bringing a cooler to bring some home in.  Fresh caught fish is seriously the best. Well… obviously lol.


I just want to note, that I was feeling generous and wanted to post so pictures of our last trip here at the end of the post.  And like a moron, I tried to stick the memory card into the cd / dvd slot on the computer.  Seriously.  I get the Smartie award today.  Have no fear, I was able to get it out with my tweezers since I didnt shove it in there all the way.  lol.

View from the mountain

Mommy & Daughter

Seriously beautiful old trees


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