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Gonna Be Okay

😦  Michigan State lost last night.  No, they didn’t just lose they got pounded by UNC.  Pounded. 

I’m sad they lost, and I  generally root for the underdog anyways.  But this was myteam.  My favorite college team in any sport.  Im always the one walking around in a State shirt during the big rivalry U of M football game, and Im usually the only one.  I was realistic, I knew the chances of them winning weren’t good.  But I kept thinking – what if?  What if… we pull out the biggest comeback in NCAA history?!  Oh what a sight to behold we would be.  The biggest underdogs facing the team that was supposed to win it all…

Eeehhh… just a pipe dream.  I knew they would get their butts handed to them.  But it is nice to dream.  😀


PS- the Tigers also got their butts handed to them in their first game of the season.  12-5.  WHAT???  Its going to be a lovely season.  Opening day is on Friday (which we are going to), and Im hoping the weather will turn around a bit.  We got snow on Sunday and its about 33 degrees outside. Woot!


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