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Okay, peeps.  I have a new goal.  Its my “get back to San Deigo as soon as possible” goal.  Im pretty sure it can be accomplished in about 12 months.  Im going to be one frugal lady for the next year.  Other than a trip to Cali to visit some friends in March, my wallet is on lockdown.  I think I can do this. Not that I want to get away from my friends here or anything. But Ive finally figured out one thing in my life that I want.  I may not have been born there, but Im pretty sure I am a California girl.

In other news… my ex is done with training in Virginia tomorrow.  He will be back in Michigan for the next 5 weeks.  He won’t actually be staying with me, but he will be here a lot to maximize the time with the little miss. He is going to actually come here tomorrow night when he gets in (which will be pretty late), and surprise her in the morning when she gets up.  Its going to be a complicated and emotional few weeks, of that I am certain.  But we will get through this, and we will be fine.  Although I reserve the right to post on here or Twitter that he is driving me crazy 😉

Also, its 30 degrees outside. Brrrrrrr.  I am SO not used to damn cold weather and I do not enjoy it.  LIttle Miss said in the car today “Mommy, its really very cold in here today”.  Yes my love, it really is.


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I love San Diego

After our trip home to Michigan for the holidays, I think my husband has a new found appreciation for San Diego.  He had Detroit on this pedestal, and nothing could even come close in his eyes.  But going home in the middle of winter, where its freezing cold, icy, cloudy and grey changed his mind.  While we were there, he looked at me and said – This sucks.  I had to fight off the laughter and the “I told you so”‘ since he told me before we left that it was going to be the most glorious trip ever.  And he even wished it would snow the entire time we were there.  Thats two weeks.  Thankfully there was no major snow during the trip, just some flurries here and there.  But it was just cold and depressing.  You can tell the winter blues were affecting everyone.  Then, when we get back to SD it was 65 and sunny.  Talk about perspective.

We took off our winter coats and basked in the warmth of the sunshine.  We came home and opened up the windows.  Then he fully appreciated why I love it here so much. He couldnt see it before.  All he could see was that Im here alone without many friends in a new city.  Sure we’ve had growing pains, but I love it here.  The warmth, the sunshine, the friendly people.  There is so much to do, and its beautiful.  Its where I was meant to be.

I Loooooove San Diego - In the words of Baby Girl

PS – I can totally see my house from here.  By house, I mean condo building haha.

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Detroit Sucks

Okay not literally.  I love Detroit, its mah hometown.  If you’ve ever known someone that is from Detroit you know that we are very proud to call this city home.  (But none of us actually live in Detroit, more like Metro Detroit).

Anyways.  This city sucks right now.  The economic slide from good times to almost full on depression have -well – depressed our great city.  The Big 3 are practically bankrupt and have been cutting their work force for years now.  The last year has been excruciating.  This is a place where everyone knows someone that works for one of the Big 3, if not multiple people.  Having many of them laid off (and for a long time) and unable to find work in their field has left people down and out.  This area has been an industrial mecca for years and is slowly being deserted.  People don’t know what to do or where to go, and many people don’t want to go.  We have four beautiful seasons, we are surrounded by water and trees and the cultural diversity is unlike anywhere else.  What other city has Greektown (4-5 city blocks downtown of only Greek restaurants & shops that play Greek music on speakers), Mexican Town (admittedly never been there), and an entire Polish city within the city of Detroit called Hamtramck?  Not to mention Lions and Tigers and  Red Wings -oh my!

Back to my point.  Its scary here.  The bankruptcies of the Big 3 effects the entire city.  There are thousands of machine, tool, die, etc shops that supply them.  They are small businesses that have the majority of their work come from GM, Chrysler, Ford or other suppliers of them.  Many shops are closing because they have not and will not get paid from these companies.  Which leads to higher unemployment and gets more and more depressing.  Everyone has hope that one day things will turn around.  Just not hope that it will happen anytime soon.  People are leaving to find work, whether they want to or not. 

I don’t want to leave.  Our families are here.  But realistically we know that if D gets out of the Navy, he won’t find work in this town and we would have to leave anyway.  We cant live of my paycheck alone… last week everyone at my company took a 10% pay cut and 6 people were laid off indefinitely.

Talk about a bad week.  Hey – 6 people are leaving (out of 30), so you all have to take on extra work… oh and by the way, you are going to get a 10% pay cut in your next check.

But hey at least you have a job, right?  That’s always the consolation people offer.  Yeh, I’m glad I’m working, but that doesn’t mean I cant be pissed that I have to work harder and make less.  Makes sense to me.


So, my beloved hometown… you will always be my heart, but maybe not my address.  :-/

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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." - Maya Angelou

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou