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Nothing Too Exciting

So Easter was mostly good.  We aren’t religious, so Easter is pretty much an excuse for baskets of candy, lots of food and drinking.  We were invited to an Easter Brunch but the hubby didnt want to go of course.  So we hosted some friends over here.  I made seriously way too much food.  We had Honeybaked ham, a small turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread souffle, and veggies.  Also made chicken enchilada dip, fruit salad, veggie tray, etc for appetizers.  For 6 people.  Yeah, I went a little overboard but oh well.  Everything was delicious.  But it did feel weird to not be with family.  Other than food we didnt really go all out or anything.  Baby Girl wore the same dress she wore on Christmas.  We dyed about 6 eggs to hide in the morning.  But she loved finding her basked and the few toys and candy inside.  I’d say the day got a B+.

The husband also decided that we were going camping next weekend.  Its been quite a while since we went camping and I know he has missed it.  It didnt help that once we moved to San Diego last year, he was gone the entire summer, and then most of the fall.  The new tent we bought two years ago?  Yeah we will finally use it.  No more cramming into the small 3 person tent.  Not enough room!  So, we are booked about 2 hours north in a state park, and it looks like a great area.  There is a lake not too far from our campsite and the weather forecast is in the 80s 🙂  Swimming here we come.

Also a trip to Vegas might be in the works.  Hubby has been talking about going a lot lately.  So we shall see!  I’d be pretty excited to go to Vegas for a weekend.  Not sure what we will do with our daughter…. dont really want to take a 3 1/2 year old to Vegas.  I guess we will have to work that out once we decide to actually go.

Well, back to work for me.  Take care all!


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