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Summer Life Is Here

Looks like we are going to have a super busy summer ahead of us.  It started with a friend getting married last weekend and will continue with something going on pretty much every week until Labor Day.  We have a camping trip planned in two weeks.  Yay!  I am excited, even though its not “real” camping, and we will be with a group of people, the campsite has water and electricity, and the place has a pool, store, etc.   Oh well.  We will be in a tent on a mini vacation for a few days.

D’s leave was changed due to an unexpected underway.  He was supposed to be here next week for most of the rest of June, but that wont happen.  As of right now we are targeting early July. Oh please Navy Gods, let this happen!  My girl is missing her daddy so bad.  All she does is talk about him. Draw pictures of him. Ask if he will be able to go places with us, and join us for all the things we have planned this summer.  It breaks my heart, but Im also happy that she still has him front and center in her life, even though he has been gone for so much of it.  Also, really hoping that his orders come through as he has been told.  Which will give us a nice chunk of him actually living in the States.  Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for that one.

And Im trying to run one 5k each month from now until November.  And in October I will be participating in the marathon here in Detroit as a member of a relay team.  4.5 miles… yeah going to need to work on that…. But I have plenty of time to get going on it.


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Alive & Kicking

Well I started to type out a few posts over the past two weeks, but I didnt really have it in me.  I still dont.  Ive got a lot going on, and I just cant seem to get my brain to focus.

But we made it to San Diego.  Everything went fantastically well with our move.  Big gold star to the moving company the DoD hired.  They were great.

Loving our condo so much!  Loving the city!  The noises… the sunshine… the people… not so much the smells.  Cities smell gross.  Well unless you venture north a few blocks to Little Italy, then is smells – A-mazing.

Husband is already underway for a bit.  Im already pissed at the ship (didnt take me long), and they totally effing deserve it.  The FRG isnt active right now, so Ive ventured out a bit online to meet some other people in the area.  So far I had dinner with two lovely ladies on Monday, and we may head out to the beach on Friday afternoon  🙂  So yay for that.

My daughter is still kind of iffy about being here.  She all of a sudden hates sleeping in her bed, and asks for her pacifier all the time.  She hasnt gotten her pacifier, except for bed time, in about a year.  So thats awesome.  Oh and she is a tantrum machine.  Its been fun…

Im looking forward to exploring more of the city & surrounding areas and meeting new people.  I cant wait for my husband to be home so that I can go out and explore with him.

But now that we are settled, I should be back to blogging on a more frequent basis.  I know… you’re salivating at the thought 😉

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No Mommy! I talking to daddy now!

Well Baby Girl and I are getting a routine down, and the mornings are going much more smoothly than they did last week.  She still asks for daddy a lot during the day, but its not too bad anymore.  Using Skype has been very good for her.  She really likes talking to daddy.  At her age kids change so quickly.  I find her saying words and sentences that amaze me.  And D said a few times that she is speaking better now than when he left a few weeks ago.  I can see it too.  I am excited to see her reaction when she sees him at our visit next week.  We decided to meet half way between where we live and the school.  Its about a 4 ½ – 5 hour drive for each of us.  I bought a portable dvd player to hook up in the car for Baby Girl so I can keep my sanity.  She is pretty good on car rides, but its been quite a while since we took a little road trip with her.   The last time was almost a year ago and she was much less aware of things then.  And she was very content to sit and play for the whole time.  I think the dvd player is going to be great.  PS – I totally love Amazon, I got the player for cheap compared the shopping around in stores that I did 🙂

So anyway, D took his CPO advancement exam this morning.  Ive been trying to urge him to study for it for a while now.  But every time he just tells me that its too hard to study for them because the tests are so broad.  But I think that a little review, even for a hour is better than nothing.  But Im not his mommy and cant make him do anything.  So Im keeping my fingers crossed that he did well.  I guess that he doesn’t need to do phenomenally on the test, just pass it.  So we will see.  The process for making Chief is quite lengthy and involved.  Lots of waiting.  So, wish him luck! 

Ive started doing pilates again.  I know that its not a very strenuous workout or anything.  But you have to start somewhere right?  So Ive been doing it since D left, and now I feel more motivated to get on the evil treadmill.  I enjoy running / walking so much more outside, but a Michigan winter is just not pleasant.  So Ill stick to the treadmill until the milder weather shows up.  Im hoping it will be sooner rather than later, but hey with Michigan you never know.  I really need to just start moving again.  I cant expect myself to be able to do 50 pushups or run 5 miles right off the bat.  I need to take it slow, but keep on it. 

I know a few of you ladies have been running and working out too.  So yay for us, and lets keep it up!  😀

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Orders In Hand!

Yes folks my husband finally has his orders in hand!  He called the Senior Chief that filled out his PTS form, to make sure it would be all good to go and that everything would be done in time for next month.  Well two minutes later he had an emailed copy of his orders! 

Oh the relief! 

I never thought I would be this happy for my husband to get orders that move us away from our hometown.  But at this point, its been such a long road to get the orders that I am just so happy to have them.

So hubby is done recruiting probably at the end of December, and will go to Virginia for training from January to May.  He reports to the ship in June! 

Ahh… I feel like we can finally breathe!  🙂  Sunshine here we come!

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Good with the Bad

Isnt that the way it goes?  That things are going wonderfully and someone comes and smacks you in the face with a brick.  I was going to sit down and write about our wonderful weekend away for the Awards Banquet, but too many other things have come up. First I find out that I am about 98% of the way to having a new job.  Just need to work out some details like a start date, and to get an official offer.  But I was very pumped after I got off the phone with the Operations Manager and couldnt wait to tell what I found to the hubby.

Three text messages and an hour later I finally ask him – what the heck?  He was excited for me to talk to her this morning and wanted to hear about it asap.

*plop* thats the proverbial shoe dropping.  D’s orders have not been in the system yet, but we knew they would take a while since the Defense bill was signed late into the fiscal year.  Well today when he checked there was an Alert on his file.  I cannot remember all what he said, but basically there was something that was not done for him to be able to get new orders.  Something about if they dont have your job available anymore, will you be willing to switch… blah blah blah.  Why he needs this is beyond me (and him).  We already HAVE orders picked and negotiated.  He is in a critical job. They are not going to need to change his job anyways.  But what we found out today, is that this process takes about a month to be filed and approved.  Once approved the detailer can official cut his orders.  without the paperwork done and him getting an “approval” to stay in his job… well we are screwed.

This is a big Navy FAIL.  My husband has been checking and double checking that everything he needed was in line.  He emailed his detailer on October 5th, and finally got a response October 27th.  He talked to a Senior Chief in the detailers office two weeks ago that said everything was fine, and he was all set, and just had to wait.   What the Hell?  Did he even look at his file?

I am fuming right now.  So is my husband.  This is something the detailer and the Admin at the Command should have taken care of, or at least noticed.  Everyone seems to know that he needs it, but him.  I guess Im wondering how many phone calls, emails and questions need to be asked until you get an actual answer about what is needed from you.

If this isnt taken care of… like rightthisminute, we could lose the orders to San Diego.  Then we go to Japan.  Fucking Japan.  I do not want to live in JAPAN. 

D’s Chief called someone higher up and he is supposed to be taking care of this as we speak.  He has to call at 1 pm to see where he stands.  He is about > < this close to calling the Command Master Chief and giving him an ear of why / how these guys have failed him.

Not fucking cool Navy.  You better fix this.  RIGHT NOW! 

All we wanted were some orders, and for us to quietly leave recruiting.  Now Im about to go Postal on your ass.

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New Navy Slogan

According to the Navy Times website, the Navy is adopting a new slogan: “America’s Navy: A Global Force For Good”.  From the website they also say this: When the world calls on America, America calls on us. Discover what it means to be part of AMERICA’S NAVY – a global force for good.

Hmmm…. I think its interesting.  And I like it.  I think that most people dont really know what the Navy does.  I think some people have this idea that it’s just a bunch of people on a boat floating around and just pulling into ports.  Sure, they do that.  But what they are doing when they are floating around is helping to keep peace.  Stopping pirates.  Trying to stop drug trafficking.  There is a lot more too.

Anyways, this is not a Navy commercial.  I just wanted to say that I like the change.

And with that said… I will leave you with the Navy Edition of I’m on a Boat.  My husband and I were cracking up watching this the other day.  En-fucking-joy.  🙂

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Well…. I am very glad to report that the orders finally came! We found out on Monday that we can go to San Diego! Yay! We are both very excited that it worked out in our favor and that we got orders to somewhere we wanted.

Last Friday we were basically told by the detailer that we had to choose between Japan and Norfolk, VA by Monday… or we were getting stuck with Japan. So D called Monday to say that we would take Virginia, which he really was not happy about. And the detailer looked him up in the system again, and **poof** there were orders to a Cruiser in San Diego! We were both a little confused by this, since we saw with our own eyes on the system that there wasn’t anything for D in San Diego. But we are NOT complaining. San Diego has been our first choice for a while, and we agreed long ago that if there were orders there, that was where we were going.

Like Ive said before, I really dont mind Norfolk. I was kind of happy to go there… I mean, we would be within driving distance of home and a bunch of our friends. However, D was there for 5 years already and really really wanted somewhere new.

So YAY! We are sooo happy!

D will be done with recruiting right before Christmas, and we are going to take a trip out to SD then to scope it out and try to find an area we would like to live. 🙂

The thought of living in sunny San Diego is pretty exciting.  Now to worry about PCSing, and finding a job.  Oh, and finding daycare, and a renter for our house, and…..

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