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I've Been Waiting…

I’ve been waiting until I uploaded pictures from the Obama speech to post about it.  But since I am pretty lazy, it hasnt happened yet.  I don’t really have the energy right now to get into the politics of the speech, but I will say that it was very good.  Whether you like President Obama or not, you have to admit he is a very charismatic public speaker.  D and I very much enjoyed the fact that we got to be there.  The downside?  Sitting in the sun from 1:00 – 4:00 pm in July.  We went through security, then just sat there waiting for a few hours.  At one point I wanted to kill the person that decided to have the speech outside… in the sun… in JULY!  Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I am a fair skinned natural blonde?  No?  Well… yes I am.  So is the hubby.  I was literally FRIED.  Right now my arm has a lovely farmers tan look, and my ear, nose and part in my hair are peeling.  But they were worth it.  It was a very cool opportunity, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  But maybe next time with some sunscreen.  😉

In other waiting news, D found out from the detailer that his security clearance could take another month.  They are just swamped right now.  Its a (teensy) consolation to know that there is another recruiter in the exact same boat.  He was supposed to get orders about the same time as D and is still waiting on his clearance too.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we hear soon.  And that next month there will be better orders to choose from.  I really honestly would not mind going to Norfolk.  I loved it there when I used to visit D before we were married.  But I understand that he would like to live in a new and different part of the country.  But if it comes down to it… I would gladly live in the Virginia Beach area.  Maybe Im secretly pulling for VB, because then we would be able to actually drive home to visit family.  Its a 10 – 11 hour drive, but still much closer than Florida or San Diego.  But still I have to wait.

Part of the wait that is killing me is not knowing what is going on with my work situation.  I used to love my job.  I love creating flyers, and tweaking websites and planning events.  I love being a go to person (as long as you don’t take advantage).  But lately Ive been in a slump.  Ever since I told my boss about D’s (our) decision to stay in the Navy, and that I might be moving soon… things have changed.  D says I’m being phased out.  Maybe that’s true… maybe I’m phasing myself out.  For a while I was so heavily relied upon for so many things that it felt like a huge burden.  How were they going to function without me?  Well…we had some layoffs and reorganized things.  I’m not as busy as I was, and I have more time to get things done.  I like a little room to breathe, and for things to not be so hectic.  But I have a little too much free time, and a little too much room to breathe.  I shouldn’t be complaining.  No one is asking much of me lately.  And I’m getting my tasks done that need to be done.  But my heart isn’t in it anymore.  But I could be leaving in January(ish) or later, like June.  So if Im here for another year, then I need to figure something out.  Because this limbo that I am in, is diving me mad.


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President Obama Speech

President Obama will be speaking later this afternoon at a local college that D and I both attend.  He entered a “lottery” to get two tickets and got the call on Sunday afternoon that he got them.  We are both pretty excited to be able to go.  I have a conference for work to attend, but luckily I was able to work it out so that I could duck out early.  Its pretty dead here anyways… as you can see I’m blogging rather than doing anything conference-y.

The start time for the speech is still unknown, we have heard times between 2 pm and 4:30 pm.  D was told to be there by 12:30 for security reasons.  So we will be there then and probably be sitting around and waiting for a while.  The topic of the speech is also unknown.  I heard it was originally slated to be a town hall meeting, but that it has changed since then.  So we will see.

D was all giddy and excited about it last night.  Then he started getting his uniform together and started freaking out.  It had to be perfect of course.  His hat had a spot (that I couldn’t even see), his ribbons weren’t right, had to shine his shoes,  and he had to re-tie his neckerchief.  Have you ever re-tied a neckerchief?  Oh.My.God pain in the ASS. 

But he is all set and ready for today.  And I am just counting down the boring minutes until I can sneak out of here. 

I will write all about it and let you know how it was later today or tomorrow. 



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Don't Ask Don't Tell Post on LeftFace

I wrote a pretty long post regarding my opinions of the Don’t Ask Don’t tell policy on LeftFace.  So feel free to head on over and check it out.

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Norm Coleman Concedes to Al Franken

Really, all I can say is – About Damn Time!  He drug this out for way too long, and I’m glad he is finally stepping aside and letting Al Franken take the Senate Seat he won months ago.


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I'm Just Not That Good…

To be able to think or write anything as wonderful as this.  A fellow lefty lady shared this today and I had to link to it.  Its a post about bigotry, racism, and the “real” America illusion created by the republican party.  Go read and be amazed. 

Here is my favorite part:

That they’re wild-eyed about “homosexuality and immigration”—and their other perennial bailiwick, abortion—is the consummate evidence of their greatest fear: Queers, darkies, and uppity bitches overrunning the perfect, lily-white, patriarchal Christian nation that only exists in their fever-dreams and infecting it with our horrible progress-cooties.

Funny, witty, and so much better than an excerpt can show.  There is so much I’d love to quote, but then I’d practically be plagiarizing 😉

Read it.

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What's Up With Texas???

Okay… so today I have read a few articles about politicians in Texas saying some odd things.  Feel free to read and be perplexed.

Texas Governor Says Secession Possible

Bigot Texas State Rep thinks Asian names are too hard


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