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Of Windows & Wonder

Well… I started working in the office for my new job.  That was the original game plan.  Start out in the office, get up to speed and then transition to working from home when I go to San Diego.  I guess they were letting some people go, so they had me and another girl start at home and start in the office on Monday.  I was surprised when I got there and I was shown to an office!  I thought I was going to be working in the other side of the office suite in a cubicle.  But hooray, I have an office for the time being.  And there are windows!  That is awesome.  It does help the mood to get up for a stretch for a minute and take a look out the window.  I know Im only two days into working into the office, but so far so good.  Most everyone seems pretty nice and helpful.  Im a little skeptical of a few people, but Ill only be around for a few months, so Im not sweating it 🙂

In other news, D went downtown and officially checked out of recruiting.  He had a meeting with the CO and a few other people.  I guess they had nothing but good things to say about him.  We also found out a few weeks ago, that iout of  the whole district, he got the best Eval score of any E6.  And his personal best Eval score.  I am very proud of him.  We are really hoping that when he is up for Chief next year, that it reflects how well he has done here recruiting and it helps his chances of making it the first time around.  *fingers crossed*

Anyways, so since he has checked out that means we are starting off the next phase of the Navy life adventure.  He is packing up right now, and he heads out on Friday.  He starts school in Virginia next Monday.  He will be there until the first week in May.  So its not tragic or anything.  But we have been here under this roof for 3 solid years.  And man we are so lucky that we can say that.  But maybe we got a little soft.  We have forgotten what it is like to spend the majority of our lives apart.  What its like to be living together through our phones, emails, pictures and weekend trips. Thankfully we get the chance to ease into it a little.  He will only be 10 hours away.  So we can both pack up and meet somewhere in the middle for a few days.  We can see each other as much as his schedule will allow. 

So, needless to say I am pretty sad that D is leaving.  For the first time, we will be apart and I will be handling all the parenting by myself.  I know I can handle it.  But I have caught myself building up the anxiety in my head.  It has been such a long time since we have been in this position that Ive had a hard time not comparing it to a deployment.  I know they are different, but I find myself having similar emotional reactions.  Fighting back tears when I think about attending functions by myself.  How bath duty for Baby Girl is all on me.  Why am I doing this?  I have no idea.  I know its not that big of a deal.  I need to snap out of it.  I need to remain positive, and hopefully the time flies.

Anyways, enough rambling for tonight.


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Orders In Hand!

Yes folks my husband finally has his orders in hand!  He called the Senior Chief that filled out his PTS form, to make sure it would be all good to go and that everything would be done in time for next month.  Well two minutes later he had an emailed copy of his orders! 

Oh the relief! 

I never thought I would be this happy for my husband to get orders that move us away from our hometown.  But at this point, its been such a long road to get the orders that I am just so happy to have them.

So hubby is done recruiting probably at the end of December, and will go to Virginia for training from January to May.  He reports to the ship in June! 

Ahh… I feel like we can finally breathe!  🙂  Sunshine here we come!

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Good with the Bad

Isnt that the way it goes?  That things are going wonderfully and someone comes and smacks you in the face with a brick.  I was going to sit down and write about our wonderful weekend away for the Awards Banquet, but too many other things have come up. First I find out that I am about 98% of the way to having a new job.  Just need to work out some details like a start date, and to get an official offer.  But I was very pumped after I got off the phone with the Operations Manager and couldnt wait to tell what I found to the hubby.

Three text messages and an hour later I finally ask him – what the heck?  He was excited for me to talk to her this morning and wanted to hear about it asap.

*plop* thats the proverbial shoe dropping.  D’s orders have not been in the system yet, but we knew they would take a while since the Defense bill was signed late into the fiscal year.  Well today when he checked there was an Alert on his file.  I cannot remember all what he said, but basically there was something that was not done for him to be able to get new orders.  Something about if they dont have your job available anymore, will you be willing to switch… blah blah blah.  Why he needs this is beyond me (and him).  We already HAVE orders picked and negotiated.  He is in a critical job. They are not going to need to change his job anyways.  But what we found out today, is that this process takes about a month to be filed and approved.  Once approved the detailer can official cut his orders.  without the paperwork done and him getting an “approval” to stay in his job… well we are screwed.

This is a big Navy FAIL.  My husband has been checking and double checking that everything he needed was in line.  He emailed his detailer on October 5th, and finally got a response October 27th.  He talked to a Senior Chief in the detailers office two weeks ago that said everything was fine, and he was all set, and just had to wait.   What the Hell?  Did he even look at his file?

I am fuming right now.  So is my husband.  This is something the detailer and the Admin at the Command should have taken care of, or at least noticed.  Everyone seems to know that he needs it, but him.  I guess Im wondering how many phone calls, emails and questions need to be asked until you get an actual answer about what is needed from you.

If this isnt taken care of… like rightthisminute, we could lose the orders to San Diego.  Then we go to Japan.  Fucking Japan.  I do not want to live in JAPAN. 

D’s Chief called someone higher up and he is supposed to be taking care of this as we speak.  He has to call at 1 pm to see where he stands.  He is about > < this close to calling the Command Master Chief and giving him an ear of why / how these guys have failed him.

Not fucking cool Navy.  You better fix this.  RIGHT NOW! 

All we wanted were some orders, and for us to quietly leave recruiting.  Now Im about to go Postal on your ass.

November 9, 2009 at 11:47 am 4 comments

Recruiting Frustration (Again)

I might sound like a broken record on here when it comes to recruiting.  Maybe it’s because I only post when the Navy is pissing me off.  But right now, I am pissed.  Here’s the deal:  there are practically NO jobs for the recruiters to fill.  The only jobs they currently can fill are: SEAL & Nuke.  Their zone’s goal this month: 4 Nukes & 1 SEAL.  HAHAHAHAH!  Talk about the hardest jobs to fill… yeah.  So what does that mean?  It means my husband has to work from at least 8 am until 8 pm every night.  It means that he has to work on Saturday (our daughter’s birthday party).  It means he has to go knock on high school students doors and ask them if they want to join the Navy. 

So things have not been so fun in our house.  By the time he is home at night Baby Girl is tired and cranky and ready for bed.  And he of course gets frustrated because he wants to spend time with her.  Im winning the Mother of the Year award for letting my daughter watch whatever movies she wants every night while I get this hellish vanity project done. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the opportunities that recruiting has given us.  We got to buy a house and start a family.  We had the time together to work out the kinks in our relationship.  And best of all my daughter and husband had at least two solid years together to bond.  I am SO grateful for all of that.  Believe me that I can see how lucky we are.

But right now I am frustrated and angry.  And I will have to go shopping for food for the party, and Baby Girl’s Birthday present, and clean the house, and get everything cooked and prepared for the party, and run the errands – ALL BY MYSELF.


I think what gets me the most worked up, is that they were told that they had to work late so that they didnt have to come in on Saturday.  Yeah, that worked.

The annual Awards Banquet is in two weeks.  I juuuust might change my mind and go to the spouse’s meeting again.  Last year I opened my mouth, asked some questions and got my husband “talked to”, so I planned on skipping it this year.  Hmm… maybe I should just go in there guns blazing and let these guys have it.

On second thought, Ill just stick to shopping instead.  That could be a bad scene.  I have foot in mouth disease for sure.

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Feeling Odd

D told me yesterday that a guy in his friends recruiting command on the west coast committed suicide.  I don’t know why, or any details other than it happened.  And to be honest, its made me pretty sad.  The Army has been getting some negative press lately for the climbing suicide numbers for 2009 as you may have heard.  But I haven’t heard much about Navy suicides in a very long time.  Or even recruiting suicides in any branch for a while.  I kind of had that denial in my head that its not the Navy, that it doesn’t happen in the Navy.  Recruiting is frigging tough.  I have not been shy about my feelings about it.  But… lately it hasn’t been as bad.  People are much more willing to join the military now than they were even last year at this time.  I think its a mix of factors, the crappy economy, the “withdrawl” of troops in Iraq, etc.  My husband isn’t getting hung up on by parents after they tell him to “fuck off, and that he isn’t going to send their kid to Iraq to die” anymore.  (Which really wasn’t even the case at all!) 

With all that has changed in last year, that makes me wonder if this person’s suicide was recruiting related or not.  Obviously my husband works for a different recruiting command, and things might be very different on the west coast.  I really have no idea.

I’m saddened that he felt that he needed to take his own life… whatever the circumstances may have been.  I’m sorry for the people that are going to have to go on without him; the people that will ultimately suffer because they loved him and will miss him. 

I don’t really know what to feel.  I didn’t personally know him… but I’m still sad.

And I hope that if this was in any way related to the fact that he was recruiting, that it is addressed by the command.

July 29, 2009 at 10:25 am 1 comment

The Waiting Game: Clearance / Orders

Okay.  Well D finally got interviewed for his security clearance a little over a week ago.  He was told that they now have to finish processing clearances like his in under 90 days, or they have to do a bunch of extra work explaining why it wasn’t done.  The guy said that his has been open for about 60 days (then) and that he should hear the official word on whether or not his clearance is approved before the end of July.  Knowing that they had about 30 days to finish up gave us some hope that we can start figuring out what the heck we will be doing, or where we will be going soon. 

I’m a newbie to this whole orders choosing thing.  When he reenlisted and chose his orders last time it was mid-deployment.  He was up for shore duty, said he wanted to recruit and they were more than thrilled to let him do what he wished.  Easy peasy. 

This time though, its been months of waiting and wondering what is going on.  The security clearance was the detail that was forgotten.  He needed to apply for one to go back to the ship and that wasn’t brought to his attention / remembered until late March.  He was supposed to pick orders in April.  So you can see… mid-July we are a teensy bit antsy (to say the least).  Then there is always the fear of – what if.  Is there something on his background check he didnt know about?  Should we have to worry about that?  So until the clearance is final we are kind of in limbo.

But now that he has been interviewed he can start talking to the detailer.  So today when the orders were released he called the detailer.  Looks like for an FC1 your choices are: Norfolk, Nofolk or Japan.

Seriously.  As of right now there are only three sets of orders available.  D spent 5 years in Norfolk and was looking forward to going somewhere else.  And at the risk of sounding like an ignorant American don’t know if I’m really up for moving overseas.  Maybe if Europe was an option…

Man… hindsight is 20/20.  In a perfect world he would have gotten the security clearance and picked orders in April.  Because in April there were orders all over the US.  Pretty much: pick a city, any city! 

So… right now we dont know what to do.  Wait until next month when we have clearance in hand?  Try to get one of the three available now (even though we dont want them…)?  Neither of us are sure what we should do. 

So stay tuned for more of the continuing saga of: Picking Orders.  Yay!

July 10, 2009 at 10:52 am 6 comments

It Feels Like Thursday

I have to keep reminding myself that today is in fact NOT Thursday, but Wednesday.  Even though tomorrow is the end of the work week thus making today feel like a Thursday it is not.  Damn you Wednesday for dressing up like Thursday like its Halloween and fooling me multiple times today!

Happy July 1st everyone!  How on earth is it July already?!  Does anyone have a good answer?  It seems difficult to process that really that much time has passed since New Years.  Seems like it was only two months ago.  So I guess that time really does fly when you’re having fun.  However, I think Summer didn’t get the memo that it’s July.  She seems to be a tad confused on whether or not to show up to this party.  One day its 90 and sunny, next day 65 and rainy.  Come on Spring / Summer tug-of-war, make up your mind already!  I would like to stop running to the basement to get pants that I have already packed away for the next 5 months.  mmmmK?  Thanks.

I made 36 cupcakes last night.  No, not uber delicious black bottom ones like The Mrs.  made, but out of a box Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla Funfetti frosting.  They are my husbands very favorite cupcakes.  I make them for him on special occasions, or when I’m feeling nice.  He asked me to make some for his DEP meeting today.  He and the other recruiter in his office are going to have a bbq for their DEPers instead of making them run & stuff.  Awwww how nice.  Mostly its for them to take the time to sit with the DEPers and tell them to be good over the 4th of July weekend, and not do anything stupid.  (ie: don’t do drugs, don’t get arrested, don’t hurt yourself, don’t be a moron.)  I definitely had one of the cupcakes for breakfast this morning.  It was delicious and guilt laden. 

You know the saying – you learn something new everyday?  Well I learned yesterday that brown eggs & white eggs are pretty much exactly the same.  Minus the shell color.  I felt like a complete moron that I had to look that up before I went to the grocery store.  Maybe its common knowledge and I’m behind the curve on that one.  But I’m glad that I know that now.  The grocery stores seem to only have organic eggs in the lovely brown color, and I’ve been switching to as much organic foods and I can get.  After my breakfast cupcake today, I can confirm – brown eggs and white eggs taste the same.  Or, maybe my cage free organic brown eggs are better… because I mentally picture happy little red chickens running around in a meadow eating all the things chickens eat (grass? corn? I dunno?) with the sun high in the sky with a sappy song playing in the background.  Run be free little chicken!  Let me eat your yummy eggs!

…I need more coffee…

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