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Okay, peeps.  I have a new goal.  Its my “get back to San Deigo as soon as possible” goal.  Im pretty sure it can be accomplished in about 12 months.  Im going to be one frugal lady for the next year.  Other than a trip to Cali to visit some friends in March, my wallet is on lockdown.  I think I can do this. Not that I want to get away from my friends here or anything. But Ive finally figured out one thing in my life that I want.  I may not have been born there, but Im pretty sure I am a California girl.

In other news… my ex is done with training in Virginia tomorrow.  He will be back in Michigan for the next 5 weeks.  He won’t actually be staying with me, but he will be here a lot to maximize the time with the little miss. He is going to actually come here tomorrow night when he gets in (which will be pretty late), and surprise her in the morning when she gets up.  Its going to be a complicated and emotional few weeks, of that I am certain.  But we will get through this, and we will be fine.  Although I reserve the right to post on here or Twitter that he is driving me crazy 😉

Also, its 30 degrees outside. Brrrrrrr.  I am SO not used to damn cold weather and I do not enjoy it.  LIttle Miss said in the car today “Mommy, its really very cold in here today”.  Yes my love, it really is.


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Cali…. I miss you….

I loved Cali, more specifically San Diego right away.  However, it took me a little while to get used to things.  Its so different than where I am from.  In fact, Detroit and San Diego are probably about as different as you can get.  For the first few months I was in SD, I was very lonely.  I hadn’t met very many people was still getting used things there.  I was homesick.  I missed my friends and family.  That never really changed much the entire time I was there either.  But once I made a few friends and got into a groove, man did I love it there even more.

Maybe its something in the air…. the ocean breezes perhaps?  The sunshine?  The weather?  Yep, all of the above.  Add in a few other things like a year round farmers market and the produce available.  Lordy, the produce was the best I have EVER had!  So fresh.  Lets not forget the ability to quite easily get real honest to goodness grass fed beef and chicken.

Now that I am back in Michigan, I am so glad I can see my family and friends here so easily.  Im happy to have wine nights with my girlfriends and the ability to see my grandma when I would like to.  But I feel like something is missing.

I dont feel “home” here anymore.

Its as simple as that.  The places are familiar, but it doesn’t have the same feeling as it did when I lived here before.  My heart longs for San Diego.

I could have stayed there, but chose not to because I thought it would be easier to be home.  Yes, its great to be near some family and friends… but the things that I thought would be easier aren’t.  They would have been the same here or there.

I probably sound like a whiner here.  Not like its a huge problem or anything.  There is always the possibility of going back.  I would have to get D on board with going back to San Diego when he gets back from Japan in 2 years.  When we made these plans to move, we discussed me moving home to MI, then him requesting orders in Virginia (he gets his choice of coasts for his next orders, which basically is VA or San Diego for him).  Maybe I can get him to go back to San Diego.

OR. Maybe by then Ill feel home again here.  Who really knows I guess.   But I can say that I am seriously looking forward to my trip back to Cali next Feb / March. I cannot wait!

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Slightly Disheveled

So we’ve moved most of our stuff into our new place.  There are a few random things we still have to bring over like our bikes, and some stuff from our storage unit.  But for the most part we are moved in.  There are random things to unpack, and finding something when you need it is hard.  But we are glad we decided to move.  The house is much bigger than the condo and there is so much more space.  (Yeah, I know Ive said that before like 10 times, but its true!).   The hubby is buying a grill today, so I am sure a BBQ will follow.

Last weekend was great.  The zoo was wonderful as always.  It was a little chilly out, but nothing we couldnt handle.  There is a baby hippo that is only 2 months old there.  We squeezed our way in and got a glimpse of it, and that thing is damn adorable.  I know hippos are like these mean man-killers in the wild, but baby hippos are effing cute.  It looked like a stuffed animal.  I wanted to give it a hug, it was that cute.  But I settled for a picture and left it at that.

Sea World was cool, but we didnt stay that long since it was 55 degrees out with 40 mph winds.  Not cool.  The good news was that the park was mostly empty.  Bad news, you couldnt feel your face.  So I guess its a trade off.  We did catch the dolphin show which was amazing and Baby Girl loved it.  She also tried hot chocolate for the first time and couldnt get enough.  We ended up going home after like 2 hours and taking a nap.  So it was still a good day in my book.  We will have to go back when it is a little warmer for sure.

Not much else going on here.  But I am going to have to go shopping to get some decorative things for the new place.  Lots of empty wall space.  I know you can tell how sad I am to have to go shopping 🙂

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Insert Witty Title Here

Work has been insanely busy.  I actually dont even have enough time to write this post, but Im doing it anyway and justifying it as a mental break so I dont go nuts.  The company I work for wasnt hit hard when the economy tanked since its a staffing company (for IT / professional jobs mostly).  So when those big companies had “hiring freezes” they got around them by using services that companies like us offer… contract workers.   Win win.  Now with things picking back up we are getting even more busy.  Which is awesome (sort of)… but there are a lot of growing pains.  Lots of micro-managing.  Lots of overlapping work.  Lots of tedious following up on work visas and paperwork.  Blah.  Im thankful I have a job… for sure.  But Im a little stressed from it.  Im doing much better and leaving my work stress at work though and not brining it into my home life.  Cuz we have enough stress there as it is.

The big move across town is next week and its starting to feel real.  I got the utilities all set up at the new place, cable transferred over, and the cleaning service set up for here.  The place we are in now hasnt been rented out yet and that is pissing me off.  They will allow us to break the lease only if they can get new renters in here by April 1st.  But the fuckers arent even trying very hard to get someone in here.  I showed the place off twice and that was like two weeks ago.  Nothing since.  You would think with 5 weeks notice in the competitive San Diego rental market they would be able to find new renters.  We live in a desirable part of town in a nice condo building.  Well it might have something to do with fact that the one and only listing of this place has it listed as 1,100 Sq Ft and with 2 parking spaces.  People are a little put off when they come in here and its a small 2 bedroom condo of maybe 900 Sq Ft. Maybe. Oh, and there is only 1 parking spot.  We found that out the day we moved in.  Not cool.  Ive taken the initiative to put up ads for the place myself.  Im being honest but also highlighting the positives.  I think a couple with no kids would love this place.  But thats just me.  We need a damn backyard.  Im sick of walking my dog 4 times a day and my hyper 3 year old needs a backyard to be hyper and run around in.  So we shall see what happens.  We will NOT be happy with paying rent for 2 places next month.  I will kick some ass.

On a happier note… a friend of mine and her fiance and 3 year old daughter are coming to visit this weekend.  They are up at Disneyland for the next couple of days and will be staying with us for a few days over the weekend.  Ive known this friend since I was in 7th grade.  I spent every weekend at her house for about 3-4 years.  I miss how close we used to be when were young teenagers.  But Im glad she gets to come out and visit Cali.  Too bad we arent already moved in to the bigger place lol.  OH well, the beautiful shoebox will have to do.  We plan on hitting up the zoo and Sea World while they are here.  Just hoping that the weather cooperates.  They are forecasting chilly / rainy weather this weekend, which is not characteristic for San Diego, so lets hope that changes.

Well… work calls.  Unfortunately I have to get back to the grind.  And I might need a little more coffee.

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I love San Diego

After our trip home to Michigan for the holidays, I think my husband has a new found appreciation for San Diego.  He had Detroit on this pedestal, and nothing could even come close in his eyes.  But going home in the middle of winter, where its freezing cold, icy, cloudy and grey changed his mind.  While we were there, he looked at me and said – This sucks.  I had to fight off the laughter and the “I told you so”‘ since he told me before we left that it was going to be the most glorious trip ever.  And he even wished it would snow the entire time we were there.  Thats two weeks.  Thankfully there was no major snow during the trip, just some flurries here and there.  But it was just cold and depressing.  You can tell the winter blues were affecting everyone.  Then, when we get back to SD it was 65 and sunny.  Talk about perspective.

We took off our winter coats and basked in the warmth of the sunshine.  We came home and opened up the windows.  Then he fully appreciated why I love it here so much. He couldnt see it before.  All he could see was that Im here alone without many friends in a new city.  Sure we’ve had growing pains, but I love it here.  The warmth, the sunshine, the friendly people.  There is so much to do, and its beautiful.  Its where I was meant to be.

I Loooooove San Diego - In the words of Baby Girl

PS – I can totally see my house from here.  By house, I mean condo building haha.

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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." - Maya Angelou

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou