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Summer Classes

We got a summer continuing education booklet in the mail today from the local community college.  D and I have both been taking classes there, but neither of us took a winter class.  So the booklet got us thinking about the spring / summer classes, and we both wanted to get into at least one.  Sadly we are a little behind the curve and missed the beginning of registration.  So there wasnt much out there to pick from.  About 85% of classes are in 4 hour blocks in the morning, or they are in the evening starting at 6; and most of them are already full.  The 6 pm class could  be an option for me if D had a set schedule.  AND if that set schedule had him getting home sometime before 7.  So… Looks like no class for me.  😦  I’m kind of upset.  There aren’t even any Saturday classes.  D got into a psychology class online, so he is happy.  Well… here’s hoping that an online class waitlist dwindles down a little, then I might have a chance.  But I’m not going to hold my breath.

If we were smart we would have looked up the Spring / Summer course registration dates.  Then we would have had a chance….but alas we are not that smart.

Well… there’s always the fall.


April 7, 2009 at 8:15 pm 3 comments

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