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Fantasy Football You Are a Bitch

I am in two fantasy football leagues.  I enjoy it most of the time.  This year… I am sucking it up big time in both leagues.  I have a lot of decent players.  However those players are: inconsistent, injured, having bad games, their QBs are having bad games, etc.

It’s a bit of a difference from last year where I was last in one league and 1st in the other.  I at least had one that was kickass.

Eeehhh well.  Thats why its a game.  Im not losing any sleep over it, but my pride is hurt a little.  😉

Maybe my season will turn around… it is only week 5.  Either that or it will be another 10 weeks of Fantasy Football hell.

Wish me luck.


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Football & Almost Fall

Well I had already decided to post today about how football season is approaching, and my friend at My Army Wife Life beat me to it.  But you know what?  Im still going to write about it anyways.  Now I dont think that 24 hours of football is heaven or anything 😉  but I do love it.  And Im in two fantasy leagues again this year.  I had my friends & family draft last night.  Even though this is a free league, and we dont have any money riding on it, I really feel like I have something to prove.  Last year I ended up in last place (not for a lack of trying!).  So Ive gotten crap about it from all my guy friends & some in laws.  They all just assumed I had no idea what I was doing and that Id end up in last place… and I did.  BUT on my work league that Im in, I was in first place all year.  I did lose the final game the “superbowl” if you will, so I actually did end up in 2nd place.  Lets not talk about that though.  What matters is that I did well.  I legitimately shocked the guys in my work league, they thought I would be last place too.  😀 

So with the first draft done and another one in a week, Im pretty dang excited for football to start.  I do enjoy watching football.  Fantasy football does make it a little more exciting, and makes you more interested in what is actually happening.  Although, Im sure its not for everyone.  I cannot wait until the weather is a little cooler, the leaves are changing on the trees and Im on the couch with a pumpkin ale watching a football game.  Sounds marvelous to me.

So in the spirit of sharing, here is my team (starting lineup / bench still TBD):

QB: Tony Romo – Dal (DAMN you Tilley for taking Rivers!)
WR: Anquan Boldin – Ari
WR: Terrell Owens – Buf
WR: Eddie Royal – Den
RB: Matt Forte – Chi
RB: Jonathan Stewart – Car
TE: Chris Cooley – Was
K: Mason Crosby – GB
DEF: New York Giants

WR: Derrick Mason – Bal
WR: Michael Crabtree – SF (Rookie)
RB: Kwonshon Moreno – Den (Rookie)
RB: Donald Brown – Ind (Rookie)
QB: David Garrard – Jac
TE: Zach Miller – Oak

As you can see I took a chance on a few rookies.  They all were drafted in the first round and look extremely promising.  I took Matt Forte as a rookie last year and that payed off.  He was amazing!  So we will see. 


Also, has anyone noticed that there is already Octoberfest and Pumpkin beers on the shelves in their area?  I was at my favorite beer / liquor store and they were stocked with the fall seasonal brews already.  I know that its almost September and fall is just around the corner, but seeing them really made me wonder – how the hell its almost September?  This year is frigging flying by.  I do love fall, its my favorite season, so I am going to soak up all the wonderful autumn-y things while Im still here in the Midwest 🙂

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Oh Sh*t Son!

detroit_red_wingsWell somehow I havent blogged in what seems like ages.  So much stuff has been going on that I dont even know where to start.  Ive sat down a few times to start typing but give up in a matter of seconds.  I just havent been able to focus.

But THIS has gotten me all sorts of excited that I just had to share with you.  My hometown team the Detroit Red Wings just SWEPT the Columbus Blue Jackets in the first round of hockey playoffs.  I am super excited about this for a few reasons 1) I LOVE me some hockey.  Love love love.  It is very fun to watch (even on tv).  2) The Wings are the shiznit. 

D and I actually love the Wings so much that last year on our honeymoon we set aside a few hours to go and watch the final Stanley Cup Championship game at the ESPN sports bar at New York New York.  It was a crazy fun atmosphere, and the crowd was literally half Wings fans and half Pittsburgh fans.  Like the stuff in movies really.  I even saw the bartender of my favorite micro brewery (weeeeird).  It was fun.  After the game, and the Wings won the championship, D and I bought a cheap bottle of champagne and drank it as we walked down the street cheering.  Yeah… we are super awesome. 

Anyways, Go Red Wings.  Sorry about your bad luck Columbus…. but really it was only your first year in the playoffs… don’t beat yourselves up too much.  🙂

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Gonna Be Okay

😦  Michigan State lost last night.  No, they didn’t just lose they got pounded by UNC.  Pounded. 

I’m sad they lost, and I  generally root for the underdog anyways.  But this was myteam.  My favorite college team in any sport.  Im always the one walking around in a State shirt during the big rivalry U of M football game, and Im usually the only one.  I was realistic, I knew the chances of them winning weren’t good.  But I kept thinking – what if?  What if… we pull out the biggest comeback in NCAA history?!  Oh what a sight to behold we would be.  The biggest underdogs facing the team that was supposed to win it all…

Eeehhh… just a pipe dream.  I knew they would get their butts handed to them.  But it is nice to dream.  😀


PS- the Tigers also got their butts handed to them in their first game of the season.  12-5.  WHAT???  Its going to be a lovely season.  Opening day is on Friday (which we are going to), and Im hoping the weather will turn around a bit.  We got snow on Sunday and its about 33 degrees outside. Woot!

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Oh Sh!t

Well… today I taught my 17 month old daughter how to say “oh shit”.  yeeeeaaah… not exactly on purpose.  Here’s the situation – I’m cooking, she’s under my legs, I’m frazzled from my uber crappy day, I broke the latch on a drawer, then out it came.  She promptly followed suit with her own “oh shit”.  Clear as the day is long.  Of course my husband laughed his butt off.  I’m kept telling him not to laugh as I try not to myself.  Really, all I can say is oops.  Another adventure in parenting.

Saturday night was spent with some Navy peeps.  We went to a going away party for one of the guys who is heading back to a ship.  It was an alright time, D was playing poker while I was catching up with a few people.  His old Chief was there, he is leaving next month too.  He is one strange and funny guy.  He was really trying to convince me and another wife that he really wasn’t a terrible mean boss man, but that the guys just made him out that way.  But I tell ya, either way it doesn’t really matter.  The guy was doing his job, and he could be a little rough.  Oh well.  But it was good to say goodbye to them both.  It was a little weird too, on a personal level.  This year seems to be flying by… and I cant help thinking that pretty soon we will be having our own going away party.  UUhh…. I dont want to think about that.

In a good Oh Shit – Michigan State made it to the Final Four, and is playing in the National Championship game right now as I type this.  Im excited and nervous for them.  I’m always a State fan so its nice to root for them in a BIG game.  That AND the game is here in town.  Detroit is all abuzz with people.  Tons of people downtown, lots of events going on.  It feels good to have our city alive again, even if it is for a short time.  Even if State doesn’t win, its great that they made it that far.  A lot of people counted them out a long time ago.  So GO STATE!

Well Im off to concentrate on the game and drink some wine.  🙂

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A Nice Diversion

We went to the Red Wings game last night.  We brought Baby Girl, and she was awesome.  The game itself was really good and the Wings won in overtime.  I am not sure why… but it seems like we always go to games that end up in overtime.  Weird.  It was nice to go out and have a good time and forget about everything else.  I definitely enjoyed myself.

Baby Girl’s ear is still hurting her pretty bad.  She was pushing and pulling on it pretty bad last night.  She woke up a few times really early this morning crying… but Im not sure if was her ear or not.  But I will be glad to see the ENT and see if there is anything we can do for her.  And in other good news, the rash is looking better.

Work is still insane, but I am catching up and its getting better.  And I will finally be getting a work laptop next week.  Finally.  That will be nice.  Even thought I dont love the idea of doing work in the evenings, it will make it a lot easier.  And I can use it towards some more vacation time, which I will need.

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