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A Busy Weekend

Well this past weekend was pretty busy at our house. I had a golf outing for work on Friday, and didnt get home until pretty late in the evening. We actually got to head to bed a little early, which was nice. Saturday we went shopping for new outfits for a wedding that night, it was a spur of the moment 9:30 am type of thing. I decided I was getting my hair cut, did that then got all ready for the evening. I love my new style, it’s a mid-neck bob and feels very light and fresh. I like it 🙂 My husband bought his first ever pink shirt, and I didnt even try and talk him into it. He looked super sexy – black tailored pants, pink button down shirt, and satin black tie. I found an amazingly awesome satin black cocktail dress that was 55% off, so I snatched that up. I think we looked pretty cute.  We didnt get to bed until waaaaay too late, and we both felt like hell the next day.  Some greasy lunch definitely did the trick for me.  Unfortunately D wasnt feeling any better at all. 

My grandmother’s birthday is tomorrow, so we were supposed to go over to her house on Sunday for some dinner, cake and ice cream.  I let D stay home to get some rest.  It was nice time, and Baby Girl and I got to visit with family for the afternoon. 

Tonight we are going to the Tigers  / Twins game.  In case you didnt know, this series with the Twins is kind of big deal.  The next two weeks decide whether or not the Tigers make the playoffs.  Okay, maybe not that big of a deal in the grand scheme sort of sense… but it will make for a good game tonight. 

We have another wedding this weekend coming up.  And one of D’s friends will be staying the weekend with us.  He is on his way from Portland, OR to Virginia for training.  He was also doing the recruiting thing and will be moving to San Diego when his training is  up.  Which is pretty dang exciting, since we will be there a few months after him and his family settle in. 

So hopefully we can relax a bit this week since there wasnt much down time during the weekend.


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Gonna Be Okay

😦  Michigan State lost last night.  No, they didn’t just lose they got pounded by UNC.  Pounded. 

I’m sad they lost, and I  generally root for the underdog anyways.  But this was myteam.  My favorite college team in any sport.  Im always the one walking around in a State shirt during the big rivalry U of M football game, and Im usually the only one.  I was realistic, I knew the chances of them winning weren’t good.  But I kept thinking – what if?  What if… we pull out the biggest comeback in NCAA history?!  Oh what a sight to behold we would be.  The biggest underdogs facing the team that was supposed to win it all…

Eeehhh… just a pipe dream.  I knew they would get their butts handed to them.  But it is nice to dream.  😀


PS- the Tigers also got their butts handed to them in their first game of the season.  12-5.  WHAT???  Its going to be a lovely season.  Opening day is on Friday (which we are going to), and Im hoping the weather will turn around a bit.  We got snow on Sunday and its about 33 degrees outside. Woot!

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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." - Maya Angelou

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou