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Yeah… Im Not Irish

But Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.  I was a good mommy and made sure my lil lady went to daycare in a green shirt today.  Most of the kids were wearing something festive.  Im glad I actually remembered.  I hate when I forget a holiday or something like that an my kid is the only one not in her special t-shirt, or color, or costume, etc.  I feel like a huge idiot when I pick her up at the end of the day and realize what happened.  But that didnt happen today.  Fist pump!

Im not really big on St. Patrick’s Day or anything like that, but I like to be a part of the fun.  I’ll wear green.  I may have a a beer.  But Im not going to over do it.  I dont spend the whole day at the bar, or have corned beef (ICK) and cabbage.  I dont think its normal to pinch people for not wearing green.  Although I totally just found out that was a thing today haha.  But I do like to be a little festive for all holidays.

On another note, tonight I am making meatloaf.  Now, thats not really all that big of a deal.  Except for the fact that I have known my husband for 6 years and he is yet to try my meatloaf.  He says he doesnt like it, even though he has never tried it.  He only likes his dad’s meatloaf.  Ahem.  You dont get to not like my food if you havent tried dude.   I have made meatballs several times, which is the exact same recipe as the meat loaf, and he loves them.  After I made them last time I told him that I was going to make a meatloaf and his ass better eat it.  Well I was a little nicer than that.  Im weird, I know – I frigging love meatloaf.  I know some people dont like it just because of its name, but whatever, more meatloaf for me.  But if my 3 year old is willing to try it and eat it, my husband better try it.  Okay, Ill stop talking about meatloaf now…

I wrote yesterday that my friend is coming to visit this weekend.  Im totally excited to go to the Zoo and / or Sea World this weekend.  We havent been to Sea World since we moved out here, and we’ve only been to the Zoo once.  We decided to make more of an effort to get out and do more things.  So Im excited to do something this weekend.  I think we will hit up the farmer’s market on Saturday morning too.  Its really cool and the husband hasnt been to it yet.  I think he would enjoy that too, its pretty dang cool.

Side note: another thing I told my husband multiple times he would love, but he wouldnt try – YogurtLand.  Seriously husband, you need to start listening to me more often.  We decided to get out of the house for a bit the other night and went to the frozen yogurt place down the street.  (I asked him to go like 10 times before and he wouldnt.)  So… yeah he loved it.  He said like 3 times how good it was and how much he liked it.  Yeah, thats right.  I knew you would.


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Good with the Bad

Isnt that the way it goes?  That things are going wonderfully and someone comes and smacks you in the face with a brick.  I was going to sit down and write about our wonderful weekend away for the Awards Banquet, but too many other things have come up. First I find out that I am about 98% of the way to having a new job.  Just need to work out some details like a start date, and to get an official offer.  But I was very pumped after I got off the phone with the Operations Manager and couldnt wait to tell what I found to the hubby.

Three text messages and an hour later I finally ask him – what the heck?  He was excited for me to talk to her this morning and wanted to hear about it asap.

*plop* thats the proverbial shoe dropping.  D’s orders have not been in the system yet, but we knew they would take a while since the Defense bill was signed late into the fiscal year.  Well today when he checked there was an Alert on his file.  I cannot remember all what he said, but basically there was something that was not done for him to be able to get new orders.  Something about if they dont have your job available anymore, will you be willing to switch… blah blah blah.  Why he needs this is beyond me (and him).  We already HAVE orders picked and negotiated.  He is in a critical job. They are not going to need to change his job anyways.  But what we found out today, is that this process takes about a month to be filed and approved.  Once approved the detailer can official cut his orders.  without the paperwork done and him getting an “approval” to stay in his job… well we are screwed.

This is a big Navy FAIL.  My husband has been checking and double checking that everything he needed was in line.  He emailed his detailer on October 5th, and finally got a response October 27th.  He talked to a Senior Chief in the detailers office two weeks ago that said everything was fine, and he was all set, and just had to wait.   What the Hell?  Did he even look at his file?

I am fuming right now.  So is my husband.  This is something the detailer and the Admin at the Command should have taken care of, or at least noticed.  Everyone seems to know that he needs it, but him.  I guess Im wondering how many phone calls, emails and questions need to be asked until you get an actual answer about what is needed from you.

If this isnt taken care of… like rightthisminute, we could lose the orders to San Diego.  Then we go to Japan.  Fucking Japan.  I do not want to live in JAPAN. 

D’s Chief called someone higher up and he is supposed to be taking care of this as we speak.  He has to call at 1 pm to see where he stands.  He is about > < this close to calling the Command Master Chief and giving him an ear of why / how these guys have failed him.

Not fucking cool Navy.  You better fix this.  RIGHT NOW! 

All we wanted were some orders, and for us to quietly leave recruiting.  Now Im about to go Postal on your ass.

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Feeling Odd

D told me yesterday that a guy in his friends recruiting command on the west coast committed suicide.  I don’t know why, or any details other than it happened.  And to be honest, its made me pretty sad.  The Army has been getting some negative press lately for the climbing suicide numbers for 2009 as you may have heard.  But I haven’t heard much about Navy suicides in a very long time.  Or even recruiting suicides in any branch for a while.  I kind of had that denial in my head that its not the Navy, that it doesn’t happen in the Navy.  Recruiting is frigging tough.  I have not been shy about my feelings about it.  But… lately it hasn’t been as bad.  People are much more willing to join the military now than they were even last year at this time.  I think its a mix of factors, the crappy economy, the “withdrawl” of troops in Iraq, etc.  My husband isn’t getting hung up on by parents after they tell him to “fuck off, and that he isn’t going to send their kid to Iraq to die” anymore.  (Which really wasn’t even the case at all!) 

With all that has changed in last year, that makes me wonder if this person’s suicide was recruiting related or not.  Obviously my husband works for a different recruiting command, and things might be very different on the west coast.  I really have no idea.

I’m saddened that he felt that he needed to take his own life… whatever the circumstances may have been.  I’m sorry for the people that are going to have to go on without him; the people that will ultimately suffer because they loved him and will miss him. 

I don’t really know what to feel.  I didn’t personally know him… but I’m still sad.

And I hope that if this was in any way related to the fact that he was recruiting, that it is addressed by the command.

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Funny Little Story

So the hubbs and Baby Girl are at the Tigers game last night.  He asked me if there was any mail from Navy Federal back at the house for him.  I was wondering why he was asking me this, because he gets mail from them all the time.  You know bank statements, loan & credit card statements, etc.  Then I started thinking about it a little further.

“YOU DIDN’T!”   I yelled at him.  Oh yes… there was a check at the house… for a boat. 

He has spent many hours in the past few weeks looking at boats online and saying he wants one.  I didn’t give it much thought because he did the same thing last year, and we never ended up with one.  I didn’t think he was actually seriously thinking about getting one.  Like serious enough to call Navy Federal and process a loan application and have a check sent out. 

Let me also say that Navy Federal loves my husband.  All our loans and the credit card are paid twice a month, and usually for much more than is due.  We like to pay things off as fast as possible.  His motorcycle was bought early last spring brand new and it will be paid off in a month.

Anyways.  We get home and Im staring the envelope down waiting for him to open it.  Once he did he made the funniest face and laughed hysterically.  That cant be good, I thought.  When he called for the loan he requested a used boat loan for the amount of $6,000.  In true Navy Federal fashion we received a check not to exceed the amount of… wait for it…


Are you kidding me Navy Federal?!?!?!?!?!?!  I know the hubbs has phenomenal credit.  I know we pay you back with a quickness.  But really – $40,000 MORE than he asked for?!

So I guess we will be getting a boat.  But in reality, one not to exceed the amount of $6,000.  Because that is all I will give my blessing for. 

Aaaahhh… that is some crazy ass shit.

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Response to Comment

Dear CMDCM(SW/AW) Stephen J. Bowes,

I do not believe that you got the gist of my last post entitled Ahh…. Recruiting….  While I am letting off a little steam about my dislikes of Navy Recruiting, I do realize that he comes home to me every night.  I am extremely grateful for that.  I am a spouse that remembers him being gone for many many months at a time and I am not looking forward to returning to that.  The point of my post was to vent about how recruiting is affecting my husband.  He is the one coming home every night stressed and annoyed and frustrated.  Believe me his home life is wonderful and he tries to get home as early as he possibly can to enjoy time with his family.  He is a good recruiter; he likes to get things done promptly and properly which we both know is not how everyone works.  I complain about this here on my blog, because that is my prerogative to do so.  I dont want to burden my husband with my frustrations because I know how much he has on his plate.  This is me bitching a little so I can go home and be the support system he needs.  So yes, recruiting is hard and yes I understand that.  But with the record numbers of people that they are putting in the Navy right now, they could possibly cut the guys a little slack.  Telling the recruiters that unless each station gets a female upper to join in the next week they are staying until 8 pm every night regardless of how many other people they have put in that month… well that is not much of a motivator.  I get that the tough economic times are allowing the military to be more selective on who they allow to join.  And yes of course the fleet should have the best possible people, but this is the real world and Im sure we both know that is not always the case.  I do care about something besides myself – my husband.  And for the sake of our well being, I will stick to my “anonymous complaints” here on my blog so my evenings can be spent as quality time not bitching time.  Thankyouverymuch.

Comment Received:

I, I, I, I, I, I, I………. Everyone knows that recruiting is hard work.  It’s not a state secret.  Yes, we get half the story at home!  Everyone knows there are three sides to every story; the recruiter, the spouse, and the truth – which is somewhere in the middle!  Sounds like Mrs. I wants everything to go her way and really doesn’t give a hoot about anything but herself.
Normally I don’t reply to such drivel, but I’m tired of the “anonymous” nature of complaints in our society.  It’s always someone else’s fault.
In my recruiting and Navy experiences, there are two types of people; those who can’t and those who won’t.  We train those who can’t and yes that sometimes takes some extra time but in the long run results in better quality of life for everyone involved.  Those who won’t we take steps to return them to the fleet…..and yes, it really is that simple.
And then there are those recruiters who intentionally stay late due to a poor home life environment, and yes they are usually married to rather outspoken individuals who do nothing but complain and moan about how hard life is due to the fact they don’t remember all the times thier spouses are not home for six to nine months at a time; who then turn around and blame it on the job.
This form of modern complaint system was appropriately named!  BLOG, BLOG, BLOG – for that is exactly what I hear when I read these type of anonymous, blame it on everyone but me, white noise complaints!
Have a great Navy day!
CMDCM(SW/AW) Stephen J. Bowes, Navy Recruiting District Phoenix
27 years of service and loving every minute of it!

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What's Up With Texas???

Okay… so today I have read a few articles about politicians in Texas saying some odd things.  Feel free to read and be perplexed.

Texas Governor Says Secession Possible

Bigot Texas State Rep thinks Asian names are too hard


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Idiot Co-Workers

Im know Im not the only one to have an idiot co-worker say something stupid to them lately.  Today a very loud woman in my office was complaining that “The damn President is going to be on TV again!!!!  And now American Idol is going to be on Wednesday instead”! 

Okay… I get that not everyone gets into politics and what not, so I kept my mouth shut.  But then she followed that with “Who even gives a shit what he has to say anyways?  I know I dont, I just want to watch my American Idol, and he is ruining it.  Ive never seen a President on TV more than this guy.  GEEEEZZZZ!”

Yeeeeeaaaah…. my reply?  Well, the last President was too busy to be on TV because he was on vacation for the last 8 years… when he wasnt out starting wars.

A little sassy of me.  But she is seriously annoying and ignorant.  A dangerous combination if you ask me.


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