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Summer Life Is Here

Looks like we are going to have a super busy summer ahead of us.  It started with a friend getting married last weekend and will continue with something going on pretty much every week until Labor Day.  We have a camping trip planned in two weeks.  Yay!  I am excited, even though its not “real” camping, and we will be with a group of people, the campsite has water and electricity, and the place has a pool, store, etc.   Oh well.  We will be in a tent on a mini vacation for a few days.

D’s leave was changed due to an unexpected underway.  He was supposed to be here next week for most of the rest of June, but that wont happen.  As of right now we are targeting early July. Oh please Navy Gods, let this happen!  My girl is missing her daddy so bad.  All she does is talk about him. Draw pictures of him. Ask if he will be able to go places with us, and join us for all the things we have planned this summer.  It breaks my heart, but Im also happy that she still has him front and center in her life, even though he has been gone for so much of it.  Also, really hoping that his orders come through as he has been told.  Which will give us a nice chunk of him actually living in the States.  Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for that one.

And Im trying to run one 5k each month from now until November.  And in October I will be participating in the marathon here in Detroit as a member of a relay team.  4.5 miles… yeah going to need to work on that…. But I have plenty of time to get going on it.


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I went for a jog this morning.  Nothing crazy just a quick turn around my apartment complex.  I had to squeeze a run in early since I will be covering for someone at lunch today.  I planned to do my first full workout in my complex gym, but with time cut short I figure a jog would work.  What I didn’t think about… was that it is 40 degrees outside.  I had a jacket on, but still… ouch.  My lungs are killing me.  That cold air is killer.  I already have sport induced asthma, so this didn’t help me one bit.  I struggled but pushed myself to finish.  Regardless of my weight issues, I know that I am unhealthy and I need to get my body moving.  Sitting in an office chair all day and then on the couch all night is not doing me any good.  Add to that, my stead diet of burgers, french fries and pizza for the past few months and I am just run down.  I dont need to be teensy tiny again.  Honestly that is not my desire.  What i need is to have a bit more energy and maybe lose a couple pounds, so I can button my favorite jeans again.  You might not know this, but eating too much junk and fast food will make you gain weight. 😉

Really though, my poor diet combined with my stress eating tenancies have caused me to gain a some pounds and the vast majority of my wardrobe is on the tight to super tight side.  I just want to fit in my clothes again.  And to feel good.  Have more energy.  Sleep better.  Not be so cranky all the time.

Alas, these are things I have said before.  And its probably going to still be a struggle to push myself out the door each day.  But today?  Today I am proud of myself.  I put on my sneakers and was active for a bit instead of saying “oh Ill do it tomorrow”, like I usually do.

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"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." - Maya Angelou

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou