Simple Spinach, Mushroom & Havarti Quiche

My quiche is pretty simple.  You can pretty much use any filling you want in a quiche.  The one that I make the most often is: spinach, mushroom & havarti.  So damn good.
What you will need:
  • Frozen pie crust.  Lets be honest, I know you arent making one from scratch 😉
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • Milk (I use whole, but you can use your preference)
  • Fresh spinach
  • Baby portabella mushrooms
  • Small red onion (you will use about 1/3 of it)
  • Havarti (or any cheese really.  Cheddar is really good in this too, and so is gouda)
  • Spices: Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder

Pic of my first ever attempt at making quiche. I used a homemade crust here.

  1. Put the still frozen pie crust in the oven at 425 F for about 10 minutes, and then let it cool a bit before you fill it.  That will get it a little cooked on the bottom, so it doesnt get soggy.  You could brush a little butter on the crust before you fill it, but that will definitely up the fat / cal content.  Reduce oven temp to 375 F.
  2. Use about 4-5 decent sized baby portabella mushrooms (they are the best!!!).  Dice them up as small as you want.  I like mine fairly small, I feel they go farther that way.
  3. Dice a little bit of red onion, about as small as you can make the pieces.  This will add a ton of flavor, but you wont be able to feel the onions when eating it, and the red onions are not spicy.  )But you can omit this one if want.  I am not a huge onion fan, but still feel like it wouldnt be the same without it in there.
  4. Cook the mushrooms & onions in a pan with a little olive oil, and add salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. (if you omit onion use a little more powder & vice versa).
  5. When the mushrooms are just about done, add in some chopped spinach.  Remember, fresh spinach will reduce in size a lot once you wilt it, so chop a bunch!  You can always add whatever you dont use to a salad later. 😉
  6. When its all done, you will need to use some paper towel and try to get quite a bit of moisture out of the pan.  The spinach will make it a little liquid-y, so that will make the crust really soggy if you dont try to get as much out as you can.
  7. Beat 3 eggs into a 2 cup measuring cup.  Once beaten add enough milk to make the mixture 1 1/2 cups.  Mix well.
  8. Place a layer of havarti cheese on the bottom of the pie crust.  I tend to break mine into pieces if I have havarti slices on hand, so its not one giant layer of cheese at the bottom.
  9. Put a good portion of the spinach & mushroom mixture.  Then add a little more cheese.  Add the rest of the mixture & a little more cheese at the top.  So its got a good balance of cheese to filling.
  10. Gently add the egg & mild mix over the ingredients (you dont want to shift everything around too much).  You should add just enough egg to cover the ingredients in the crust.  Too much egg and that is mostly what you will taste.  Too little and your filling will dry out.
  11. Use tin foil around the edge of the pie crust, to protect it from getting overly done.  You need to do this, since the crust has already been partially cooked. The easiest way to do this, is to take the foil and rip into 2 inch wide strips and wrap it round the outside of the pie dish.
  12. Bake at 375 for about 45 minutes.  You will have to gauge when its done by when the eggs are nice and fluffy and dont look runny at all.  I tend to over cook mine sometimes and sometimes the top gets a little too brown, but the middle is always still perfect.
  13. Slice like a pie and enjoy!!!

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Missing Daddy

My poor sweet girl is having a hard time re-adjusting to not talking to her daddy everyday.  Its only been about a week or so since his ship shoved off and headed on deployment.  There hasnt been a ton of communication between him and I, but I do udpate him on what is going on with her.  But that doesnt really do a 4 year old much good.  She misses talking to him on the phone and skyping ever couple days.  Butwhat she really misses is being able to play and hug her daddy.

She’s handled most of this like a frigging champ, and I really cannot complain.  She is an awesome kid that is so full of joy and love.  But every night when I put her to bed the tears start.  And my heart breaks in two.  She’s generally not just trying to stay up a few extra minutes.  No, she does that by saying she’s hot, needs a sip of water, wants new jammies, or has to go potty.  So when she wont let me go when I hug her, and she starts to cry… thats real.  I have no idea what to do or say to make it better.  I just tell her that daddy loves and misses her, and that Ill give her extra hugs until he comes back.  Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesnt.

Now let me tell you, I am a loving mother, but I set strict limits when it comes to bedtime and I always have.  I dont mess around.  I say bedtime, you go.  End of story.  My daughter has been testing us at bedtime for a while now, but she’s never gotten ANY give.  Some people may think this is weird, but unless it was a late night feeding when she was an infant…. I never rocked my daughter to sleep.  Ever.  That is until a couple of weeks ago.  My daughter had the absolute biggest melt down of her life and just couldnt calm herself down.  I decided to give, and rocked her for a few minutes and she fell right to sleep.  (Of course she has been asking me to do this every night since).  Then the other night, she just wanted me to hug her and wouldnt let me go.  I found myself wondering – “why am I fighting her on this?  When she is just sad and missing her daddy.”  I knew she wasnt acting like that just to misbehave.  So I layed down with her and let her cuddle with me for 20 minutes.

Maybe Im learning that at times I can be too rigid.  Im trying to say “Yes” to her more often, and that sometimes includes bedtime.  One extra snuggle on the couch wont kill me, and chances are she will still fall asleep at the same time regardless.  Mind you, Im not tossing my rules out the window.  But rather, Im coming to terms with the fact that my little sensitive girl is having a tough time too, and she needs a little extra love and understanding.  Hell I  know I’ve needed that myself.

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I Miss the Ocean

The surprisingly warm Spring weather we had for a few weeks in Michigan, did wonders to get me out of my funk.  But somehow this week has just been terrible and Im feeling myself sliding right back in.  Im finding myself getting easily annoyed at any and everything.  Maybe its my cynical side coming out front and center, but people are driving me nuts.  Facebook is just a place people go to bitch and moan.  I dont feel like Im networking socially anymore.  Im only reading rants or hate speech most of the time.  The few gems on there that a cute or funny keep me coming back I suppose.  Or maybe its because I like reading about someone else’s trainwreck of a life.  That could be it.  But I had to start hiding a lot of posts from people, because I dont want to see that shit on my feed, and I just dont have the energy to get worked up and argue of anything.  And Im kind of wondering what the hell happened.  Have I lost that fire inside me, or am I just past all that?  Not really sure yet. Ill get back to you when I figure it out.

But I sit in my office, with my fingers freezing trying to type, and I just miss the beach.  The ocean, and the wide blue skies.  I miss palm trees and flip flops 10 months of the year (or more!). And i dont really know if Im missing Cali  more because of the funk Im in, or for a bigger reason.  

There have been so many changes in  my life in the past 3 years, and I havent had much of a say in them. But I made the choice to come back to Michigan, and from the second I got back I’ve been second guessing myself.  Why on earth was I so afraid of staying in Cali?  I also feel like a giant asshole when I miss it there, and want to go back.  My friends here are amazing too, and my family is here.  I sound like a fucking twit, and I get that.

One day I will be truly happy again.  For now, Im continuing to search for joy in every day.  

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Ahh Life

I dont want to do that thing where I apologize for not blogging in a while, because Ive been busy.  Life got in the way of blogging again.  😉

Well what’s happened?  I’ve been slowly climbing out of this funk I’ve been in since I moved back to Michigan.  I had to tell myself that this is where I am, and I need to make the best of it while I am here.  Ideally, I would like to be back in Southern California to live out my days.  But when and how I can get back there is still up in the air.  The Little Miss and I just got back from a trip out to San Diego for a week.  My friends were just as anxious to get us back out there, and they were scheming up a storm to figure out how we can do it quickly.  All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing trip with gorgeous weather, good friends, and a good time had by all.  I would like to go back this summer, but it might not be financially feasible, considering Im saving up all my pennies to move back.  But we shall see.

In other news, D found out that his ship is going on a super secret deployment for an extended period of time.  Its not really all that secret, but you know…. OPSEC.  They are already talking about communication being pretty poor, so that’s lovely.  I hope its better than they are predicting, but its the Navy so I dont have my hopes too high.  I would like to be able to send pictures and updates to him about our daughter at the very least, since they wont be able to see each other until, oh, sometime next year.  GAH.

And Spring is deciding to show up here in Michigan a little early, which I am seriously not complaining about.  It was a mild winter by all standards, and I still hated it.  I was miserable.  And cold.  I hate to be cold.  The sun is shining a lot more, so I get a dose of vitamin D when I go for a jog in the afternoons. I can feel my mood is definitely perking up.

I’ve also started drinking green smoothies every day.  Its only been about a week and a half, but I can definitely feel the difference.  I am getting more fruits and veggies into my daily diet and of course that means vitamins.  Im not craving crap foods like I was before.  Im not feeling as hungry throughout the day either.  Also, I am not craving breads, pastas and heavy carbs like I used to.  But most importantly, my blood sugar seems to be more stable during the day, and Im not crashing in between meals.  Which is a huge plus!

So what am I putting into my smoothie?

  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 cup (wild) blueberries
  • 1 medium banana
  • juice from half of an orange (freshly squeezed)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • Optional – Handful of almonds (grind up in a coffee grinder first, or you get a grainy texture in your smoothie).  Sometimes I just eat the almonds on the side.

Blend in a high powered blender for about 1 minute.  It may not look all that great, but its tasty.  I promise, you cant even taste the spinach!  I am going to buy some kale this weekend and try that out.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Take care everyone!

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Growing up

In my previous blogging life I got fairly personal about how I grew up, and some issues that I faced, but I have yet to say anything here.  I really dont like to get into it all that much because I feel like it just digs up old pain and resentment.  But the truth is that I do need to deal with these things sometimes.   I feel like much of what I am going through with D and my divorce, and in general where I am in my life, is because of how I grew up.

My favorite Uncle (my  mom’s brother) and I are very much alike in many ways.  We grew up in a similar way.  We had step-dads that were alcoholics.  As much as I like to think that I escaped my childhood without many scars, its not true.  Mine are emotional, yet they run deep.

Back to my Uncle.  Now in his 40s, he is finally reflecting back on his life and trying to figure out why he is the way he is.  He is a great father and husband, has a successful career, and a beautiful home.  But no one is perfect.  So, he was recommended to attend some meetings with the organization Adult Children of Alcoholics.  he isn’t a big fan of meetings and “sharing” feelings with groups of people, but admitted that their literature is amazing.

I visited their website today and… wow.  I have known that how I grew up was not normal, and has had an impact on my life.  But this specific list of personality traits they have on their website made me say – no wonder.  See for yourself:

The Laundry List – 14 Traits of an Adult Child of an Alcoholic

  1. We became isolated and afraid of people and authority figures.
  2. We became approval seekers and lost our identity in the process.
  3. We are frightened of angry people and any personal criticism.
  4. We either become alcoholics, marry them or both, or find another compulsive personality such as a workaholic to fulfill our sick abandonment needs.
  5. We live life from the viewpoint of victims and we are attracted by that weakness in our love and friendship relationships.
  6. We have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and it is easier for us to be concerned with others rather than ourselves; this enables us not to look too closely at our own faults, etc.
  7. We get guilt feelings when we stand up for ourselves instead of giving in to others.
  8. We became addicted to excitement.
  9. We confuse love and pity and tend to “love” people we can “pity” and “rescue.”
  10. We have “stuffed” our feelings from our traumatic childhoods and have lost the ability to feel or express our feelings because it hurts so much (Denial).
  11. We judge ourselves harshly and have a very low sense of self-esteem.
  12. We are dependent personalities who are terrified of abandonment and will do anything to hold on to a relationship in order not to experience painful abandonment feelings, which we received from living with sick people who were never there emotionally for us.
  13. Alcoholism is a family disease; and we became para-alcoholics and took on the characteristics of that disease even though we did not pick up the drink.
  14. Para-alcoholics are reactors rather than actors.

 Kind of crazy to me.  I have or still struggle with 90% of the stuff on this list.

Its sad.  And it makes me angry.

BUT.  Knowledge and recognizing this is a big deal.  Being able to reflect upon yourself and change these learned behaviors and ways of adapting from childhood, will help me to break the cycle for my daughter.  And that is absolutely important to me.

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A Good Day

Yesterday the Little Miss and I had a good afternoon.  We made a trek to our local library, which we had not been to yet.  We are lucky.  The library near us is new, huge and beautiful.  Many of the local communities are closing their libraries or making serious cuts to what they offer.  Thankfully, ours seems to be doing well.  I wish I would have taken some pictures, because the place is just that beautiful.

The massive children’s section is on the 2nd floor.  They have such a great set up for the kids.  There are big wooden toys with letters that spin, a train set to play with, kid size play trains and busses they can get it an pretend to drive.  There is a computer center where kids can just sit an play age appropriate learning games.  We both fell in love.

Playing on the computer

I was busy trying to get some new books for us to read, while the Little MIss was busy running around and trying to show me all of the super cool things she found.  The joy was palpable.  She did not want to leave at all.  When we did finally leave, we eneded up with 8 books and 5 dvds for her to watch.  I think trips to the library will definitely happen more often around here.

I didn’t get a chance to pick out any books for myself, Im going to check out the online catalog and we can make a trip back there later this week for me.

The greatest thing is that they have an activity room where they hold free events for people in the community.  Not just story time either.  They screen movies.  Teddy bear picnics.  Princess / fairy tea time (where the little girls come all dressed up in their fave prices dress).  Crafts for kids.  Pajama story time.  You get the idea.  We will definitely be taking advantage of the free stuff they have going on.

After we got home last night we snuggled up on the couch and read a bunch of books together.  Definitely a great bonding time that doesn’t include the TV 🙂

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2011 was a spectacularly shitty year for me.  Ive kept a lot of things private in the interest of not sounding like a complete and total whiner, but also because it was very personal.  It hard to decide how much to share, when you really just feel like you need to get it out, but its not something you actually want to say.

I can’t promise that things will be magically better just because its a new year.  I can’t hope that all my life’s problems will go away.  I can’t say that things will be easier this year.  Because lets be honest, Im still going through so much in my life.  Some days its a struggle to get out of bed and go through the motions.  Some days its not too bad.  But I am really trying not to dwell on the past, and to move forward with my life.  Im really trying to have a better outlook for this year.

As a classic underachiever, I dont want to make new year’s resolutions.  Its just too much pressure on myself, and I never follow through.  But now that its just me and the my Baby Girl, there are some things I’d like to improve upon.

  • Spend more time bonding with Baby Girl that doesn’t involve the tv.
  • Find free things to do in our community.
  • Take the time to appreciate the things that we do have, rather than what we dont.
  • Focus on the love in my life and try to let go of the bitterness and anger towards others.
  • Play more games.
  • Read more books.  Both to my daughter & for myself.
  • Eat for health not for weight.

Now, Im not a perfect person so I may fail at any of these on any given day.  But every day is a fresh start.  And because of that, I am hopeful for 2012.

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